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How to run exec-maven-plugin only if a file is not up-to-date

In my Maven build, I use exec-maven-plugin to run an external tool for Java code generation. In this case the flatbuffers compiler (flatc). By default, flatc always runs, so you always get a new .java file. This will always trigger … Continue reading

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Support fake Android TV devices

Android TV is included in some modern Smart TVs, and there are also external set-top-boxes to get Android TV for any TV with HDMI input. However, there are also some set-top-boxes which almost, but not quite, support Android TV. With … Continue reading

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Data structures and Domain Driven Design

After listening to a presentation about Domain Driven Security, I got some additional insights about what a data structure (as opposed to OOP object) should be able to do. Data structures (I call them struct) should have a subset of … Continue reading

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Objects vs. data structures

Several popular statically typed programming languages, including C++, Java and C#, have a serious design flaw. They make no useful distinction between objects in the OOP sense and plain data structures. A plain data structure should only be a dumb … Continue reading

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Typesafe’s Reactive Straw man

In their quest to promote Reactive, Typesafe is beating up a straw man by portraying blocking I/O in a particularly stupid way which is rarely (if ever) done in practice. In a recent webinar, I found this slide which suggests … Continue reading

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Leafpad > gedit

I want a simple, fast and lightweight text editor for my Linux desktop. I don’t want to learn a lot of new arcane key bindings, so not Vim or Emacs. I want a real GUI desktop application, not a console … Continue reading

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How to fix keyboard layout in Ubuntu 14.04

I regularly use Swedish keyboard layout, but I keep the English layout around in case I would like to temporary switch to it. Ubuntu 14.04 sometimes mess this up and I suddenly get English layout when I log in. I … Continue reading

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Custom Preference for Android

I need a setting with a numeric value in my Android app. There is no obvious fit among the standard Preferences in Android, so I decided to implement my own Preference subclass. This was a bit more involved than what … Continue reading

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Running Adobe Lightroom 4.4 in Ubuntu 14.04

I use Adobe Lightroom 4.4 for photo editing. There is one very annoying aspect of this program, it is not available for Linux (only for Windows and Max OS X). In order to run Lightroom on my computer, I had … Continue reading

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Create a self-contained .jar file with Maven

If you want to create a self-contained .jar file, with all library dependencies included, you can do it with Maven. Include this in your pom.xml: <build> <plugins> <plugin> <groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId> <artifactId>maven-assembly-plugin</artifactId> <version>2.4</version> <configuration> <archive> <manifest> <mainClass>com.yourcompany.youapp.Main</mainClass> </manifest> </archive> <descriptorRefs> <descriptorRef>jar-with-dependencies</descriptorRef> </descriptorRefs> … Continue reading

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