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Running Jetty as a service in Ubuntu Linix

Jetty is a popular open source Java application server. In order to run it as a service on a Linux server, they recommend using a horribly overcomplicated and quite fragile script. In Ubuntu server, there is a better way. Leverage … Continue reading

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Don’t use large BLOBs in MySQL from Java

The MySQL database can store large chunks of binary data (up to 1 GB) using the BLOB data types. However, this does not work well if you access the MySQL database from Java (or any other JVM based language) using … Continue reading

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Don’t use PipedOutputStream on Android

I was using in an Android app. The app performed horribly bad. After doing some profiling, it turned out that the call to PipedOutputStream.write(byte[]) that was really slow. After digging into the Android source code, I discovered that PipedOutputStream.write(byte[]) … Continue reading

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Running Adobe Lightroom 4.4 in Linux

I use Adobe Lightroom 4.4 for photo editing. There is one very annoying aspect of this program, it is not available for Linux (only for Windows and Max OS X). In order to run Lightroom on my computer, I had … Continue reading

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Using an embedded SQL database in Java web application

You have a Java web application needing a relational SQL database. According to JavaEE conventions, you declare the DataSource in web.xml: <resource-ref> <res-ref-name>jdbc/DS</res-ref-name> <res-type>javax.sql.DataSource</res-type> <res-auth>Container</res-auth> </resource-ref> and then fetch it in code with (DataSource)new InitialContext().lookup(“java:comp/env/jdbc/DS”). Using Maven, Jetty and HSQLDB, … Continue reading

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GIMP 2.8 in Ubuntu 12.04

This is no longer relevant, since the PPA have updated to GIMP 2.8.10, which has fixed the bug. If you use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, you only have access to the old GIMP 2.6 in the standard repositories. This is unfortunate … Continue reading

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Using AAC music files in Android

If you have an file with .aac extension, it is AAC encoded audio in an ADTS container. If you want to play such file on an Android device, you have problems. Android 2.x does not support this file format at … Continue reading

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How to design a RESTful protocol

What is REST? In most cases, it is sufficient say that REST is a way to design a network protocol based on HTTP. I perfer to call it a RESTful protocol, but it can also be called RESTful API or … Continue reading

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How to add password protection to GRUB2

These instructions are tested with Ubuntu desktop 12.04, but will probably be useful in other Linux distros with GRUB2 as well. The goal is to block everything except booting the default system. In paricular, it should not be possible for … Continue reading

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Bachata Linux

Based on what I have desscribed in the two previous posts, I have now made a Linux distribution with an install CD. It is called Bachata Linux, check it out here.

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