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How to roll your own bootable Linux CD-ROM

When booting a regular Linux system, it just mounts some partition with a nice file system (such as ext4) on your HDD on / read/write and there you go. When booting from a CD-ROM, it’s not that simple. The CD-ROM … Continue reading

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How to roll your own Debian based Linux distro

Goal To build a minimal Debian based Linux system with a fully functional bash shell, TCP/IP networking with DHCP client and apt setup to be able to install any package from the Debian repositories. The resulting system will use about … Continue reading

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Using ZTE Blade Android phone with Ubuntu 11.10

Using a ZTE Blade Android phone connected with USB is a bit tricky with Ubuntu 11.10. First you need to apply the patch in this bug, after doing that you should get USB storage to work. After doing that, it … Continue reading

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How to disable activity logging in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ozelot

Ubuntu has mechanism to log user activity such as used documents. This is used to facilitate searching, but can also be intrusive to your privacy. Here is a way to disable this logging without breaking Unity or any other part … Continue reading

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Backup your mobile phone in Linux

To backup data from a non-smart SonyEricsson mobile phone (such as W890i) in Linux, use the gammu utility. Install gammu, it is available as a package in the standard repositories for Debian and Ubuntu, just install the gammu package. Create … Continue reading

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Upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 without Unity

The new Ubuntu release 11.04 Natty contains the new Unity desktop environment which is quite controversal. I have tried it for a while and I think it is neat but too buggy and immature. However, it is easy to revert … Continue reading

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Using Sveon SNT1020 WiFi USB adapter in Ubuntu

I just brought an Sveon SNT1020 WiFi USB adapter. It works very well with Ubuntu Linux 10.10, just connect it to an USB 2 port and you can start using it with NetworkManager right away, no drivers or setup necessary. … Continue reading

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Mount your home directory with SSHFS in Linux

If you have your home directory on another machine, it’s common to use NFS to access it. NFS is easy to setup and works more or less out of the box on Linux. However, NFS is not secure and you … Continue reading

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Linux with / mounted read-only 2.0

(This is a new version of a previous post updated to work with Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic).) I wondered why you usually mount / (the root file system) read-write in Linux and decided to do some experiments to find out if … Continue reading

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How to get microphone to work un Ubuntu 9.04

I finally got the microphone input on my Acer Veriton X270 to work un Ubuntu 9.04. The trick is to uninstall PulseAudio and use ALSA only. It even works in Skype.

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