Backup your mobile phone in Linux

To backup data from a non-smart SonyEricsson mobile phone (such as W890i) in Linux, use the gammu utility.

  1. Install gammu, it is available as a package in the standard repositories for Debian and Ubuntu, just install the gammu package.
  2. Create a ~/.gammurc file with the following content:

    port = /dev/ttyACM0
    connection = at

  3. Connect your mobile phone to the computer with the USB cable and select Phone mode
  4. Use

    gammu backup <filename>.vcf -yes

    to backup your phone book to a vCard file

  5. Use

    gammu geteachsms

    to get all SMS stored in the phone (both sent and received), they will be written to STDOUT

  6. There is also a lot more you can do with gammu
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