Master’s Project

Presenting XML documents on different media with stylesheets – practical use and web server integration


XML is a useful framework for storing and processing structured documents. By using stylesheets, automatic presentation on different media can be achieved. I have evaluated different stylesheet technologies and concluded that XSLT is suitable for high-quality presentation of the same document on several media.

I have also investigated the integration of XML and XSLT in a web server and the performance issues it raises. Caching is necessary to achieve acceptable performance. I have studied a new approach of doing XSLT processing with caching, implemented a prototype for it and concluded that it can give better performance than the usual approach with a web server extension.

The Thesis

Read my Master’s Thesis (in PDF format, adapted for double-sided printing).


The “XotW” prototype described in the thesis has been developed into Lagoon, which is an open source project hosted at SourceForge. See the project page.