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Support fake Android TV devices

Android TV is included in some modern Smart TVs, and there are also external set-top-boxes to get Android TV for any TV with HDMI input. However, there are also some set-top-boxes which almost, but not quite, support Android TV. With … Continue reading

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Custom Preference for Android

I need a setting with a numeric value in my Android app. There is no obvious fit among the standard Preferences in Android, so I decided to implement my own Preference subclass. This was a bit more involved than what … Continue reading

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Don’t use PipedOutputStream on Android

I was using in an Android app. The app performed horribly bad. After doing some profiling, it turned out that the call to PipedOutputStream.write(byte[]) that was really slow. After digging into the Android source code, I discovered that PipedOutputStream.write(byte[]) … Continue reading

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Using AAC music files in Android

If you have an file with .aac extension, it is AAC encoded audio in an ADTS container. If you want to play such file on an Android device, you have problems. Android 2.x does not support this file format at … Continue reading

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