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How to run exec-maven-plugin only if a file is not up-to-date

In my Maven build, I use exec-maven-plugin to run an external tool for Java code generation. In this case the flatbuffers compiler (flatc). By default, flatc always runs, so you always get a new .java file. This will always trigger … Continue reading

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Data structures and Domain Driven Design

After listening to a presentation about Domain Driven Security, I got some additional insights about what a data structure (as opposed to OOP object) should be able to do. Data structures (I call them struct) should have a subset of … Continue reading

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Objects vs. data structures

Several popular statically typed programming languages, including C++, Java and C#, have a serious design flaw. They make no useful distinction between objects in the OOP sense and plain data structures. A plain data structure should only be a dumb … Continue reading

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